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Parks in Xalapa

Not only is it built between hills, forests and rivers, it is also green inside. The parks in Xalapa are a sample of the natural beauty of the city.

Parque El Haya | Visita Xalapa

El Haya Park

El Haya Park is a large redoubt of coniferous forest and cloud forest, which has been conditioned for leisure and recreation.

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Parque Natura Xalapa | Visita Xalapa

Natura Xalapa Park

The Natura Xalapa Park has an extension of 80 hectares, with paths for cyclists, a lake and a sighting tower.

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Parque Los Berros | Visita Xalapa

Los Berros Park

The Miguel Hidalgo Park, commonly known as Los Berros Park, is located near the center of the city, near the Xalapeño Stadium.

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Parque Juárez | Visita Xalapa

Juárez Park

Juarez Park is the most important park in the city. It is surrounded by the most emblematic buildings such as the government palace, the city hall and the cathedral.

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Parque Bicentenario Xalapa | Visita Xalapa

Bicentenario Park

The Bicentenario Park, a discreet but charming corner of Xalapa where cultural and sporting activities such as skating or skateboarding are held.

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Paseo de Los Lagos | Visita Xalapa

Los Lagos Walk

It is a scenic setting made up of three lakes surrounded by gardens, walkways and a wooded area. In it you can find the monument of "The golden eagle of the UV", a university symbol.

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Parque Los Tecajetes | Visita Xalapa

Los Tecajetes Park

Formed on a natural depression, under the ground there is a fresh water spring that feeds the aqueducts, artificial pools and canals.

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Macuiltépetl Ecological Park

Protected Natural Area, space for sports, environmental recreation; located on the remains of a volcano that lived 30 thousand years ago.

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Jardín Botánico | Visita Xalapa

Francisco Javier Clavijero Botanical Garden

Garden founded in 1977, and since then, it has been dedicated to the study, protection and diffusion of the plants that inhabit the region of Xalapa and its surroundings.

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