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Alleyways in Xalapa

The alleys of Xalapa are a sample of the essence of the Xalapa of long ago, most of them have legends that are part of the popular culture of the city.

Callejón de Aparicio | Visita Xalapa

Aparicio Alleyway

The Callejón de Aparicio is a typical alley in the city. Some years ago it was rescued and rehabilitated. This is where the nightlife is concentrated.

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Callejón de Jesús te Ampare | Visita Xalapa

Jesús te Ampare Alleyway

Its old name of Callejón de Jesús te Ampare comes from a legend of the colonial era, when Xalapa was still a Villa.

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Callejón de La Calavera

La Calavera Alleyway

Near the Los Berros Park is the La Calavera Alley, where a murder took place for which the skull is named today

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Callejón de Rojas | Visita Xalapa

Rojas Alleyway

The picturesque Rojas Alley, is one of those that still retains the colonial flavor of the city of Xalapa, for its cobblestone and the type of construction.

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Diamond Alleyway

Located in the heart of Xalapa, the Diamond Alley is known for selling handicrafts or for enjoying a good cup of coffee.

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Parque Juárez | Visita Xalapa

Infiernillo Alleyway

The Infiernillo Alley, a mysterious attraction of Xalapa, is located in the historic center, between José María Alfaro and Francisco I. Madero streets.

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