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The art of birdwatching

Human beings have an innate desire to interact with nature. For many, this desire has been turned inactive by the demands of modern life, so birds may be the appropriate way to re-establish the connection with the natural world.

What is Birdwatching?

Birdwatching, is the activity that involves moving to a specific destination with the interest of watching the local birds in their natural environment.

It is an activity that makes you feel free and allows you to merge with nature. It is fun, relaxing, healthy and gives you emotional and aesthetic pleasure.

The best time for birdwatching is in the morning, when you start to hear their songs and that is the time when they are most active. In villages, they are considered as natural awakeners. Also, during the evening, with the last rays of the sun, we have a chance to observe them or listen to their songs.

You don't need to be a biologist, nor have or develop any professional study about it. This activity can be done in a recreational way and is aimed at all people, of any age, social and economic condition.

It can be done in small groups with few participants in a city park, an area of forest nearby, or organize an excursion to a Nature Reserve, National Park or a Beach.

The only requirement is to have the intention of contacting the natural environment in a responsible way.

Why do Birdingwatching in Xalapa and the region?

En México existen alrededor de 1,096 especies de Aves, entre migratorias y residentes. About 340 species have been recorded in Xalapa.

In Veracruz passes one of the most important bird migration corridors in the world, and is the largest in bird of prey migration.

The region has characteristics that favour migration, such as temperatures that cause upward air currents and large flat areas flanked by the Gulf of Mexico and the Sierra Madre Oriental.

Every year from August to November, Veracruz becomes a natural corridor for the migration of just over 5 million birds of prey that descend from Canada and the United States.

Tips for birdwatching:

1 Wear comfortable clothing in discreet colorsbecause the birds distinguish the colours so well. The fluorescent colors make the birds stay still or move away as fast as possible.

2 Not many people. Birdwatching is an activity that it is recommended to do in small groups so as not to generate too much noise or sudden movements that would disturb or scare them off.

3 Carrying Binoculars to observe in more detail the beauty of the birds.

4 Preferably consult a Bird Guide.

5 For people with sensitive skin it is advisable to take a sunscreen and mosquito repellent, both biodegradable.

6 Wear a hat to protect you from the sun.

7 Non-disposable bottle with water. To keep you hydrated during the tour.

8 If possible, have the camera ready..

9 Good disposition and an open soul..

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